Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) – Data Center -Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Unified Computing (DCUCT)


Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Unified Computing exam tests a candidate's skills of troubleshooting a virtualized computing environment based on Cisco Unified Computing System platform, focusing on features like storage and network connectivity, installation, memory issues, booting issues, drivers, BIOS and adapters connectivity issues. This 90-minute, 65?75 questions exam is associated with the CCNP® DC Certification and Cisco Unified Computing Support Specialist Certification


Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives: Describe the Cisco UCS B-Series architecture, installation, and configuration, and the processes and tools for determining related issues • Describe troubleshooting processes on the standalone Cisco UCS C-series • Describe the valid Cisco UCS C-Series integrated architecture and the process of determining issues related to integration of Cisco UCS C-Series server with Cisco UCS Manager.


The Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Unified Computing (DCUCT) v5.0 is a 3-day course designed to prepare system engineers and implementers with the knowledge and hands-on experience to troubleshoot Cisco UCS B-Series and C-Series servers operating in standalone and integrated modes. The course offers the student hands-on experience with configuration procedures and a familiarity with common troubleshooting scenarios and recommended solutions.


1.1 Extract diagnostic data i.e., collecting dumps and core files 1.2 Identify issues using FSM 1.3 Troubleshoot boot issues 1.3.a Blades 1.3.b OS 1.4 Identify using CLI/GUI defective hardware 1.5 Troubleshoot management 0 KVM IP overlap issues

2.1 Configure and troubleshoot RBAC 2.2 Configure and troubleshoot modes and perform reboots 2.3 Configure and troubleshoot power consumption, power availability, and power policies 2.4 Manage service profiles 2.5 Understand and troubleshoot the UCSM upgrade process

3.1 Configure and capture SPAN traces 3.2 Troubleshoot fiber channel services 3.3 Troubleshoot L2 issues 3.4 Troubleshoot link-level issues 3.5 Configure and troubleshoot jumbo frames 3.6 Troubleshoot dynamic vNIC

4.1 Troubleshoot CIMC GUI and CLI remote access methods 4.2 Using CLI/GUI Troubleshoot packet flow from server to the fabric 4.3 Identify the steps that need to be performed on a rack standalone prior to integration into the UCSM 4.4 Describe the various methods to update the server BIOS/CIMC/adapters/array controllers 4.5 Troubleshoot OS driver issues 4.6 Troubleshoot memory issues 4.7 Troubleshoot boot issues 4.8 Troubleshoot redundant paths 4.9 Troubleshoot different adapters 4.10 Describe the process for password recovery

5.1 Troubleshoot using CIMC GUI and CLI remote access methods 5.2 Use CIMC utilities for performance validation and data gathering activities 5.3 Update the server with the various methods 5.3.a BIOS 5.3.b CIMC 5.3.c Adapters 5.3.d Array Controllers 5.3.e LOM 5.4 Troubleshoot OS driver issues 5.5 Troubleshoot memory issues 5.6 Troubleshoot boot issues 5.7 Troubleshoot Local Disk and RAID controller 5.8 Troubleshoot FCoE Connectivity 5.9 Describe the process for password recovery


• Presentation • Discussion • Practice Activities • Case Studies


• Pre test • Post test


5 Days

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